Your Components

Your Wood

In order to provide the best results to those customers who want to send me their wood to be duplicated it is our policy to do the following when processing your wood: If in our opinion at any time we uncover a defect in the wood which will affect the finished product or render the stock "unuseable", we will stop work and contact you by email or phone and ask for instructions as to how you would like us to proceed. You will only be charged for the labor already expended on your project and return shipping if you choose to have us stop carving.
The minimum dimensions of a rifle blank of sufficient size must fit the gun to be copied plus at least a half inch all around except for the area of the butt section, which by necessity is usually pretty close. More wood means less likely a jigging error will occur that might leave a bit of the cheekpiece out of the wood, for example. There are always exceptions, so if your blank is undersized email me for suggestions.
We will not accept wood for duplicating that is not between 6% and 12% moisture. If we find that you have sent wood which is either too wet or too dry, it will be returned to you and you'll have to pay the return shipping.

Your Stock

If sending us your stock to copy the inletting or duplicate the entire stock, please note these issues:
The stock will not come back to you in pristine perfect condition like you sent it.  If copying only the inletting, there should be minimal or no marks to the outside of the stock, however there is the need to attach blocks of wood to the front and rear of the stock which then get attached to the duplicating machine.  These blocks may be hot melt glued or epoxied on.  When these are removed there is likely to be some small marks but the stock will still be useable.  There will likely be some small marks to the top of the forearm where the flattening stylus rides along the stock.  There may be some marks in the area of the trigger guard where that gets copied.  There are likely to be some small marks from the inletting stylus on the inside of the inletting, but that doesn't really matter since it's on the inside.
If you are sending us a stock to have us copy the outside shape, there will be marks on the outside of the stock.  If the stock is a soft wood like beech, plan on there being extensive marks from the stylus and from the flexure support fixtures.  A walnut stock, being of harder wood, will not be so easily marred, but it is likely, in fact you should anticipate, that the stock's finish will come back scratched all over.  Sanding it down and putting a fresh coat of oil on it will easily restore it's appearance, but I want to make it very clear that any stock that goes into the duplicator as a master will not come out looking like it went in.


Your Action

If sending us your action please note these details:
We will not shoot your gun.  We will store it in a gun safe while in our possession.  If we are using your action to fit final inletting, it may come back to you with some walnut dust here and there.  It is not injurious in anyway to the gun, but I want you to know that if you sent it to me perfectly clean and oiled, that oiled surface will collect some walnut dust.  Every surface in our shop is covered in walnut dust.  Our clothes are saturated in walnut dust.  No matter how we wipe down your action, it will probably come back to you with some dust on it, so don't trip.  You've been warned.
If you want us to glass bed or pillar bed your action to your new stock, we will be applying PartAll #2 mold release wax to your action, and on top of that we apply PVA (poly vinyl alcohol) a microscopically thin onion skin.  The onion skin washes off with water, and the wax will be removed through wiping down with gun oil.  It is highly recommended on getting your action back that you clean and oil it to your satisfaction, and in the process you may find areas of wax that we didn't wipe off.  You've been warned.  There will be no damage to your steel, but there may be tiny details in cleanliness a picky owner might trip about.  We aren't that picky, so clean it yourself.