Logan 920 Lathe

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logan920-1 1942 11" Logan Engine Lathe. Has the longest bed I've been able to determine was made for these lathes. This picture taken after assembly post restoration. It was immediately put to work.
scarfed belt
scarfed belt Car engine serpentine belt scarfed on a belt sander and glued with Loctite Plastics Bonding System has held up for over a year just fine. Enough belt material for two belts with this Gatorback number: 4061105
carriagestop Machined clamp and an inexpensive eBay Micrometer make for an accurate carriage stop.
belt-tension-knob My machine likes a slightly different belt tension for each speed. This knurled knob makes it easy.
drawbar A stock piece of threaded draw bar tube from eBay cut to length, and turned and knurled a knob for it.
Carriage DRO
Carriage DRO The lathe head end of the scale is held by a clamp and the other end (far bed end) floats.
Carriage DRO
Carriage DRO Read head is screwed to a metal plate which is held to back of carriage with neodymium magnets.
Crossfeed DRO
Crossfeed DRO Angle iron is stuck to rear of carriage with 4 neodymium magnets. Aluminum extension bar, wood spacer, and hose clamp complete a quick installation.
Current Picture
Current Picture Current Set Up with lots of tools!