Creating an adjustable cheek rest

Materials needed:
A rifle stock
30 min. epoxy
1/8" x 6" drill bit
Joiner rod material:
ideas: 1/4" + diameter piano wire and matching brass tubing from a hobby store, or two pieces of aluminum tubing that fit inside each other, or 1/4" + bolt with the threads and head cut off to create a rod and glass bed the holes instead of using tubing.
Drill  with 1/8" diameter 6" long drill bit from the bottom of the buttstock past the point of the cut line.  Cut the cheek rest out of the stock.  Open up the 1/8" hole in both parts, one drill bit at a time, up to the diameter of the rod in the cheekrest and housing in the buttstock.  Sand 1/2 the rod so the glue will stick in the cheekrest, wax the other end so glue won't stick in the housing/bedded hole, and glue with 30 min. epoxy.  Assemble the two pieces with wax paper between and let cure.
Use 1/4" x 20 threaded insert for finger knob to tighten against shaft.
Patch 1/8" hole at bottom of stock.