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Fit To Be Held

  • Rare Beauty
  • Hand Rubbed
  • Ergonomic

Gorgeous Rare Walnut


Spectacular walnut is getting rarer and more expensive.  I travel great distances to several different mills to hand pick through large quantities of wood to find the few beautiful pieces.

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Quality Oil Finish


Most 'custom' stocks come with a few coats of sprayed PolyUrethane finish.  Who wants all those grain pockets?

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Drop Based on Optic Height


Most airguns come with stocks designed around economics, not ergonomics.

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Recent News

Wood Straight From the Mill.


Most recent acquisitions were March 2017
Slow Dried
Hand Picked at the mill

Masters We Have To Date :

FX Monsoon
HW80 Goudy Monte Carlo
HW80 Thumbhole
AA S4xx/5xx Monte Carlo
AA Pro Elite Monte Carlo
HW95 American Classic
HW30 Monte Carlo
HW30 Thumbhole
HW50 Lefty Thumbhole
RWS 34 Right and Left Monte Carlo
RWS 54 ThumbholeTarget Stock
AA S200 Target Stock
Webley Patriot Monte Carlo
FX Cyclone/Webley Spectre Monte Carlo
Ambidextrous high comb Marauder
Evol Monte Carlo
Evol Thumbhole
HW30 American Classic no cheekpiece
ProSport Lefty
HW95 Lefty American Classic
RWS48 Lefty Monte Carlo
HW80 Right modern Monte Carlo


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Examples of Shapes We've Made

Below is a snapshot of shapes we've made.  Click on images below for a bigger image, and find further pictures in the Portfolio galleries.
R1/HW80: Goudy inspired Classic with a roll over comb (it's a blend between a strict Classic shape and a Monte Carlo).
R1/HW80 Thumbhole: 
AA S500/510: Monte Carlo with a roll over comb and appropriate height cheekpiece for the airtube action.
Pro-Elite Monte Carlo: 
R7/HW30: Monte Carlo (with pronounced roll over):
R7/HW30: Thumbhole:
RWS54 Target Stock: 
Air Arms S200 Target Stock: